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Notices for Easter Sunday from Mount Charles

My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?

Lord Jesus,
by your cry of desperate honesty,
rid us of superficial faith
which is afraid of the dark and lonely times.

Help us to persevere through the darkness
so that we might discover profound joy,
give us, when we need it,
the courage to doubt,
to rage,
to question,
to rail against heaven
until we know we are heard.

We do not ask for easy answers to hard times;
there are many who offer these.

We ask for a sense of your presence:
that will be enough
to let us know
that we do not walk or cry alone;
that will enable us to go through the dark
and find light again in the morning.

When we close our eyes to what we deem to be too unpleasant and disturbing,
Lord, have mercy. Awake us and disturb us.

generic16x16.gifNotices 27th March 2016.pdf